I'm Lee,

I can help you understand users and design human-centred solutions:

I am a User Researcher with extensive experience exploring the design and use of artificially intelligent co-creative systems (computational creativity) in sensitive contexts (mental wellbeing, especially bereavement).

I employ generative and evaluative research methods, with the goal of creating solutions that resonate with users. My approach is influenced by User-Centred Design and User Experience Design principles and places an emphasis on users and use.

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Evaluation of co-creative systems to support bereaved individuals

User testing, contextual inquiry, UX, psychological scales

A study conducted to evaluate the user experience of a co-creative songwriting system, and whether it supported the mental wellbeing of users. 9 bereaved participants were introduced to the system and asked to create a song, after which they were interviewed about their experience using the system. Before using the system and after participants filled out the WEMWBS to allow measurement of the system's impact on user mental wellbeing.

Computational creativity and ownership

Prototype, user testing, online survey

Computational creativity makes use of artificial intelligence techniques to enable systems to undertake creative processes to generate artistic works. We deployed a co-creative system with which 35 participants collaboratively created a series of poems with, and were asked to complete an online survey that explored the ownership they feel over digital possessions.

Formal bereavement support and experts

Semi-structured interviews, expert evaluation of user requirements

A study conducted to gain a greater understanding of the formal support provided to bereaved individuals by mental healthcare practitioners. Through semi-structured interviews with 7 participants I explored the support provided to bereaved people, what experts believe is important, and sticking points for clients that can lessen the impact of the support. Participants were also asked to evaluate a series of user requirements for computationally creative systems intended to support bereaved people.

Reminiscence Practices and Technological Support

Home observations, contextual inquiry, ethnography

A study conducted to explore reminiscence practices of bereaved people and receptiveness towards co-creative systems to support them with bereavement related practices. Through at home observations and semi-structured interviews with 13 participants I explored what drives people to reminisce, what possessions people interact with to support reminiscence, the outcomes of reminiscence, and user desires or fears for technology to support them.